2nd Quarter 2015 – Skill Development

This second quarter we finished up with the soccer unit we were working on.

Hockey Skills Unit

This unit, we worked on using a floor hockey stick to play hockey. Focusing on dribbling, passing, shots and strategy. A great unit!!

Basketball Skills Unit

Focusing on hand-eye coordination and dribbling, we played many activities and lead- up games to this unit. Some games are knockout, sideline, garbage can relay etc.

K-2 Noodle Mini-unit

The kids worked with swimming noodles to do a number of hand-eye and manipulative skills incorporated into fun games.

Volleyball Unit

We worked on bump, set, serve and even a spike or two. Backyard cleanup, prison ball, 3- passes, etc.

As with every unit in p.e. class, the focus is on having fun and being good sports and learners through being respectful to ourselves and our classmates.