I pledge, to live this day, with hope in my heart, energy in my mind, and gentleness in my spirit.


Mission Statement — Our Purpose

Hawthorne Elementary collaborates with students, staff, and the external community to provide a vibrant, robust education for all students, working to educate the whole child through infusion of culturally responsive teaching and learning. In addition to providing a safe and inclusive environment for students to grow, Hawthorne highlights each student’s abilities as a unique learner and individual person with the ultimate goal of instilling a love of learning and a sense of belonging that will follow students beyond elementary school.

Vision and Guiding Principles

  • Hawthorne honors the needs of students and provides opportunities for children to be children- to play, work through social encounters with support, and keep active learning a part of the academic day.
  • Hawthorne staff and students collaborate with all stakeholders to build a sense of community, so students connect learning to real-world experiences.
  • Hawthorne staff, students and community members work together to support our neighborhood school in building active and productive citizens of the future.
  • Hawthorne students are engaged in high-level thinking and supported in accessing rigorous content to help students reach proficiency in all content areas and standards.
  • Hawthorne supports student’s social-emotional learning and growth, providing them with many tools to support their independent sense of belonging, self-awareness, and ability to self-regulate.